MYRIAD 3D Reader

MYRIAD 3D Reader 8.2

MYRIAD 3D Reader ia a multi-format, Windows desktop/browser plug-in viewer
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MYRIAD 3D Reader is a free program to view STL, VRML, 3D DWF and secure 3DF files created by MYRIAD. MYRIAD 3D Reader runs as a desktop program or as a browser plug-in, in a web page, as an ActiveX component. This review is on the desktop version. Using this free application, you will be able to read the files produced by other programs. Of course, you can´t modify anything with this reader, it only allows you to view and print the loaded files. You can view the 3D models in every angle, since you can rotate them, and also measure them. You can view the measurements for any piece, and change them between different units. You can zoom in or out, toggle the Orthographic view on or off, switch from Isometric, Dimetric or Trimetric view, switch up axis, orient the model to the up axis, change the background color, switch to Reverse View or change the display mode. MYRIAD 3D Reader allows you to save the 3D models in .JPG format. You can also view Cut/Cross Sections, that can also be printed and saved.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a handy and free application to view 3D files


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